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The PEAKS Profiling Technology. The PEAKS profiling system is a psychometric technology developed by Research Communication International (RCI). It is an integrative online technology that measures and optimizes human potential at all levels of organizations and societies. PEAKS profiles measures and tracks personal & Organizational development in domains such as, learning, leadership, career fit, enterprise, team orientation, partnerships etc.

PEAKS is a strength-focused tool that captures the innate potential within individuals and aligns the best in everyone to the PEAKS they have chosen to scale. Personality scores are normed against industrial benchmarks and are based on a large databank of actual empirical data collected through corporate research. PEAKS gives individuals the knowledge necessary for scaling heights of achievement. As they conquer PEAK after PEAK, they become more than conquerors.

Why use PEAKS?global-business-transformation-consulting-malaysia-peaks-v2

The PEAKS Psychometric Personality Profile, based on the Five-Factor Model (FFM) of Personality is the most current, valid and reliable means of assessing personality today. Psychologists are predicting that it will be the primary means of understanding personality in the 21st Century. For over 15 years, the Five-Factor Model (FFM) has been tested and re-tested in the academic and research communities and has been found to be a superior model.

How can PEAKS help?

PEAKS can help individuals and organizations to unleash their potential in the following areas: global-business-transformation-consulting-malaysia-peaks-v3
PEAKS will also describe the following Work Behaviours: global-business-transformation-consulting-malaysia-peaks-v7xx
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