Scope of Services

Scope of Servicesglobal-business-transformation-consulting-malaysia-services
  1. Talent Management (Addressing Talent Acquisition right to Retention issues)
  2. HR Transformation (from Operational to Strategic Business partnership)
  3. Change Management (Employee Engagement and Buy-In)
  4. Alignment of HR Strategic Plans and activities to Corporate Strategy and Plans, and
  5. Coaching & Mentoring HR leaders and staff
  6. Sourcing for International, Regional and Local business opportunities,
  7. Establishing partnerships between Malaysian and international companies to undertake available global business opportunities,
  8. Identifying various viable ongoing global businesses which could be brought into or exported out from Malaysia,
  9. Assisting companies by formulating the Strategic, Operational and Implementation plan to exploit business opportunities,
  10. Offering change consulting services to foreign international and local organizations who are undergoing crisis/difficulties by taking them on a “transformation journey”

In addition to HR, General Management & Business Development Consultancy Services, GBTC is participates in the Halal Product and Services business sector. Activities include:global-business-transformation-consulting-training-malaysia-halal-products-azmy-halal-v2x
  1. Trading of Halal Food and Products internationally,
  2. Set up of Halal food distribution centers at the targeted countries,
  3. Providing training and consultancy services on conversion from non-Halal to Halal & Halal certification,
  4. Acquisition of Halal compliant companies and organically growing them, and
  5. Sourcing and negotiating supply contract for Halal ingredients then producing them in Malaysia or any other countries which can do it cost effectively and efficiently.

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